• Local Search Placement

  • Being At The Top Of Local Search Maps Is Critical!

Did you know that 78% of buyers visit a store within 5 miles of their current location after a local online search?

When a user searches on Google for a type of business or service, a map and 1-3 business listing(s) are displayed near the top of the page. If your business provides services to local customers then you need good placement on local search map results.

How is Local Map Listing Placement Determined?

When a search is preformed on Google for a type of business or service, a set number of results are displayed to the user in a specific order based on several factors. These factors include things like your organic ranking, the number of reviews a business has, the quality of those reviews, the location of the user searching, and the number of citations a business has. These are all factors associated with a Google My Business listing.


If you are unsure of what a GMB listing is, you can perform a search on Google right now for a service such as landscaping or an establishment such as a restaurant. Once the search has been preformed, you will see that at the top of the page, there are three local results. This is known as your local map listings. The businesses that are listed here tend to receive a higher amount of traffic than the businesses that are shown on subsequent pages. 

What Can I Do To Better Position My Business?

Claiming your Google My Business listing is a great start.  Your GMB profile can feature your business logo and photos of your services, products, company vehicles, staff, and more! It displays the location of your business so that customers can easily navigate to it via GPS from any smartphone or device. If you do not have a location that customers visit, and you instead provide service to customers at their homes or commercial properties, then a service radius will be displayed instead. Google My Business also now has the option to post live updates at any time to its listing. This means that you can promote events, discounts, sales, and services, at the touch of a button!

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How Important on Reviews in Google?

In many cases, people who are looking to work with a new company that they have not used before will tend to pay close attention to the reviews a business gets. In fact, studies show that 67% of consumers are influenced by online reviews. By featuring reviews from your happy customers, you create a sense of trust with your new potential clients. We can help facilitate the collection of positive Google reviews from your loyal customers. In some cases, it will be as simple as texting your customers a link that they can click on which will take them to a screen to provide a star rating (from 1-5) and a short summary of their experience. As your reviews grow, the people searching for your service or business will notice, and this will in turn generate new business and create more traffic to your website. 

If you are not listed on local search, you are missing out big time on many great features and an increase in foot traffic, web traffic, and phone calls for your business. Our company is highly experienced in setting up and educating business owners on the huge benefits of local search placement. Call us today for a free assessment and custom quote!

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